Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another week of delays - but this time, a different reason

Sorry for the second week in a row of only intermittent posts. Two weeks ago it was because of technical problems with, but this week it was a different reason - namely, there wasn't anything interesting in the news to write about! It took me an entire week, in fact, to gather up the 10 to 15 items I'll be posting this weekend. Hmm, maybe it's time to start subscribing to a bunch of new feeds...

And speaking of feeds, why aren't you using RSS yet? That way your computer tells you when a website has updated, instead of you having to go to the site every day and curse the author for no new posts. The one I use and recommend is Bloglines; it's free, works great, is web-based so you can access it on the go, and even has a killer mobile version. You can find my own subscription links at the top of this page, although the easiest one is the simple Atom feed that Blogspot automatically produces -