Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blackberry triumphant

More bad news for a once-great company currently in a slow, pathetic downward spiral: PalmOne's worldwide PDA market share is down to 18 percent these days, the lowest in the company's ten-year history. And the problem isn't Windows Mobile, as you might guess - it's actually Research in Motion (RIM), if you can believe it, whose "Blackberry" line of PDAs experienced a whopping 84 percent growth in European sales last year, making it the fastest-growing craze in the EU since '80s Swedish metal bands. And even worse news for PalmOne - RIM just inked a deal to start selling Blackberries in Russia as well. Oh, PalmOne, what happened to the company I used to love so much? Oh, that's right, you forced out the guy who actually invented the device, then started ignoring your customers so you could suckle the teats of insanely rich corporate executives instead, who could care less if their PDA actually works well since it's their secretary who's actually using it. Jeez, no wonder you're losing money right now faster than a poet on payday.