Friday, May 13, 2005 mulls yet more new features

As reported by InfoWorld: Google, the owners of type engine, are thinking about adding some new features to the service. Among the possibilities being considered: the ability to directly upload photos to your blog from your control panel; easier controls for posting to your blog from your Gmail account (also owned by Google); password protection of blogs; and an "enterprise" version of Blogger's software that would run on a company's own server, as a way of driving an intranet or other internal communications system. (And let's not forget Blogger's brand-new "To Go" service, which lets users of certain cellphones post multimedia files straight to their blog from their mobile device.) I mean, sure, almost all of these things have been offered to users of SixApart's services (MovableType, TypePad) for years now; but let's not forget that Blogger is a free service, as opposed to SixApart which charges money. I don't mind Blogger playing catch-up, as long as they continue to offer all the caught-up technology for free.