Tuesday, May 10, 2005

'Citizen journalists' actually learn some journalism

Now, see, this is what I like reading about: A recent convention in Nashville paired up bloggers and journalists, as a way for both groups to actually learn more about how the other works. I may dump on mainstream journalism here at this blog a lot, but the fact is that there are all kinds of things from that industry that I believe bloggers should be emulating; I did attend the University of Missouri, after all, which has one of the top-five journalism schools in the country, and it's impossible to spend any amount of time there and not have certain things about journalism rub off on you. (I mean, seriously, even the student newspaper there has eight former staff members who have gone on to win Pulitzers.) I encourage all bloggers to take advantage of situations like this recent convention in Nashville, whenever possible, and to at least start enfolding some basic lessons from journalism into their blogs: seeking out reliable sources, offering an alternative whenever you bitch about something, and always, always linking to the source material in question.