Monday, May 23, 2005

Edit Yahoo 360 info via IM

Here's some interesting news: People with Yahoo 360 accounts can now update their blogs through Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM), as well as the "Blast!" that appears at the top of their page. For those who need the backstory: Yahoo 360 is an attempt by the company to let people pull together all the various Yahoo crap they've signed up for over the years (photos, mail, groups, etc) and to display synopses of each on one central webpage; and at the same time, it's also Yahoo's attempt at social-networking software, and has a lot of new features that allows people to more easily connect with existing friends and those with common interests. So for example, whenever you submit a user review to Yahoo Local, your 360 page keeps a tally of all the reviews you've written, for others to see at once; and then if you're looking up something in Yahoo Local, and see a user's review that you particularly liked, you can click on their name, go straight to their 360 page, learn a lot more about them and invite them to be your friend if you want. (And here's my 360 page, by the way; I encourage you to add me to your friends list if you want.) And in an attempt to catch up with such cooler social-networking sites as and, they've also introduced what they call a "Blast" - a short IM-like message that appears in a box at the top of your page, designed to be easily updated, so that you can send out short messages at all times of the day and night about where you are and where you're heading. (The difference between this and a place like Dodgeball is that your Yahoo Blast simply remains on your webpage; Dodgeball members actually have such a blast sent out as an SMS to the cellphones of everyone on their friends list.)

Of course, the only way to do this is by downloading the latest version of YIM, the only version with a 360 option; and of course Yahoo hasn't bothered to make a new version of YIM for Palm or PocketPC or Blackberry or any other type of mobile device, just desktops. Which makes them idiots, because in what more natural way could one be updating one's "Blasts" than on the go through a mobile-based IM client? That's the entire point of such messages existing, and we all know the future of IM is in mobile devices anyway, so it drives me kinda bats**t sometimes when companies refuse to provide mobile support for new products, even though we're in the middle of 2005 by now and everyone can see the handwriting on the wall. Because I really want to use YIM to update my 360 page, and I'd be a really frequent user too, and it pisses me off that Yahoo won't let me be one, simply because no one bothered making a Palm version of YIM (which, frankly, would be a lot easier than the desktop versions).