Friday, May 13, 2005

Is your website disability-friendly?

Steve Rubel reports that he was recently taken to task by the American Federation for the Blind, for his blog not being friendly to the blind, which is true. (The problem? No "alt" text tags in his images, so blind people don't know what the images actually are.) Rubel apologizes, but also theorizes that the problem lies with SixApart, the company that actually runs his site, which doesn't provide a way for authors to include "alt" text in [img] tags, which is also true. Of course, let's not forget that the W3C has actually had a specification in place for awhile now regarding a special set of CSS tags for the blind, which would actually make disabled web surfing a lot easier for everyone's just that not a single browser company has actually enfolded the tags into their systems yet, which to me seems just utterly ridiculous. It's up to us to keep on top of these browser companies, if we really want to see access for the disabled become a powerful option.