Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Live from the Unexplained S&M Party

(Accompanying photo is in the entry right before this one.)

So here I am, standing at the Sheridan red-line stop, in what
I refer to as my "good" suit, making my way to an undescribed S&M party at a private club in River North, where in all honesty I don't know what will be happening, although it quite could be naughty. How do I find myself in this situation? One of my ex-lovers, unsurprisingly - *Josephine, I'll call her here, who I was sleeping with last summer, and whose day job is as a dominatrix, and who happens to also be the founder of The Mud Queens of Chicago (think SuicideGirl mud-wrestlers). Josephine's always on top of it all in a way I'm not, so I'm always getting random cellphone calls from her for weird exclusive events that she thinks I'll find intriguing. Ah, hot, smart, sex worker and gets me into exclusive events - what's not to love?

So that's where I'm heading, to a place called Rizzo's on East Walton, where apparantly Josephine's dungeon is throwing a party? or fundraiser? or being the entertainment for someone else's party/fundraiser? All I know for sure is that 1) I was required to dress up and 2) Josephine will be in "character" tonight, take that as you will. So, Lord knows I've done some legitimtely very naughty things with Josephine over the last year, so this might be another of them - or might not be much more than a naughty version of Bacardi Night at a fratbar. We'll see. More live updates throughout the evening, if it's bright enough to get photos, and I'm allowed to do so.