Tuesday, May 10, 2005

PalmOne creates new product division...and it's just for me!

And now some good news concerning PalmOne: The company is finally acknowledging that they have other customers besides corporate executives, and have retooled their product divisions to actually reflect it. All new Palm products, then, are now going to fall under one of three definitions: 1) a "handheld," for those whose primary interest is simple data-management stuff (phone numbers, addresses, datebook, etc); 2) a "smartphone," for those who primarily want to be able to enmesh this data management with their phone; or 3) a "mobile manager," for those like me who are trying to do everything with their Palms, from writing original content to taking photos, surfing the web and viewing multimedia files. Well, it's about g**damn time, man! I can't tell you how sick I am of trying to force my Treo to do all these things it was never meant to do, and look forward to the day when Palm finally has a device out that's specifically catered to high-end users like me. Now, granted, I'm sure PalmOne will find a way to screw things up, just like they have with virtually every release since the Palm Pilot III; it's still nice, though, to see the company finally acknowledge that they have a big problem, and that the frenzied high-end customers like me who used to keep them in business are rapidly abandoning them in droves. (Thanks to PalmAddict for pointing this out.)