Tuesday, May 03, 2005

PR firm: "Do what we say." Blogger: "Ah, screw you."

Blogger John Gorenfeld has a hilarious entry up at his site right now, concerning a DVD he recently received from PR firm Special Ops Media for possible review. The firm apparently started sending harrassing emails to him about how his review absolutely needed to be up by April 21; so, Gorenfeld purposely waited until April 29, just as a little "f**k you" to them. My favorite line from the entry: "'They're not paying me enough to put up with this!' I thought, feeling a twinge at the thought of my $15,000 'consultant fee,' before remembering that I'm not Corey Greenberg and am not, in fact, being paid at all to write this blog. Whew!" (Thanks as always to Threadwatch for pointing this out.)