Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Beta version 0.1 of my new website now live

For those who don't already know, I'm switching the location of my personal journal this summer, from the Geocities page it's been the last six years to my main website. I'm doing this so I can finally power my journal through MovableType, so that I can post entries there straight from my mobile device, a Palm Treo. (My Geocities page can only be updated through a desktop computer, and regular readers know that I have neither home nor work internet access through a desktop. It means that I have to spend money at an internet cafe whenever I currently update my personal journal - which leads to situations like what happened last month, where I didn't have enough money to go to an internet cafe so literally couldn't update my personal journal for a month, month and a half. Sigh.)

Anyway, the good news is that I've been diligently teaching myself MovableType over the last couple of months, and actually now have a public beta version of the new blog up for people to check out - it's at my sandbox, which is located at jasonpettus.com/blog. Along with the new template, there's also a new 2,000-word entry about what went into designing the template, why the sections look as they do, and what's coming next in the process. Although some elements of that page are still not yet live, other parts are - like the RSS feed listed there, which design geeks can subscribe to this second, if they want to follow along this summer as I update the template and document the bugging/decoding process. The trackbacking information found there is accurate as well, if you end up writing about the new page at your own blog and wish to ping me.

The switch is going to be great, to tell the truth - for the first time as an online journaler, I'm going to be able to assign categories to my entries, let people search my site through a proprietary engine, let people subscribe to a notification mailing list, and all the other stuff the cool-kid bloggers have had for years now. Yet I went out of my way as well to make it not look like a typical blog page, and have come up with several elements that I'm quite proud of. Anyway, you can go check it out yourself to see what I'm talking about; I'd love to hear your comments and beta-testing feedback too, which you can send to ilikejason at hotmail dot com. (Don't forget to include what browser you're on, which version you have of that browser, the platform on which it's running, and the size of your computer monitor, in order to provide the maximum amount of help to me that you can.)