Thursday, June 23, 2005

Get RSS feeds delivered via email

Here's an idea that's just been waiting to happen - Rmail, a service which does nothing but push an RSS feed to your email account instead of a news reader. The process couldn't be simpler - just go to their home page, type in the feed you want, type in your email address, and click "subscribe;" unsubscription links appear in each subsequent email you receive. And even better, Rmail provides a piece of Javascript code that lets blog owners run an automated "notification list" at their sites; in reality, of course, it's just your RSS feed being sent to peoples' email addresses, but the Javascript code lets you run a little subscription box right on your blog page itself, and lets your readers automatically subscribe without having to jump over to the Rmail page. I've been using the option myself for about a week now, on both my personal journal and my social-networking one, and can report that it works flawlessly; I highly recommend it to others as well. (Thanks very much to Steve Rubel for pointing this out.)