Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm going to NextFest!


So, after months of watching better bloggers than I (i.e. those with jobs) attend all these cool conferences around the world and schmooze with all these cool people, I'm finally getting to attend one myself - namely, Wired magazine's NextFest, a celebration and examination of the next generation of technology that's about to hit our lives, being held here in Chicago at the end of the month. And how did I manage to fanagle an invitation? Easy - I volunteered to do manual labor! Well, that's actually a little off - they keep promising that there won't actually be any heavy lifting or other manual chores involved, and that my main job is going to be to partner with one of the corporate sponsors and help answer questions about their booth to festival attendees. And what do I get for the 20 or so hours of work I volunteered to put in? Oh, all kinds of wonderful things - a staff all-access pass, something like nine general-admission tickets, a free t-shirt of course, an invitation to the gala opening reception, a year's free subscription to Wired, and even a free iPod Shuffle, if you can believe that.

Of course, none of that matters much to me; the main reason I want to go is so I can see all the cool high-tech stuff on display, and schmooze with all the bloggers and other tech writers I've been reading over the years. And speaking of which, are you going? If so, please let me know by dropping me a line at ilikejason at hotmail dot com, so we can make plans to meet up. Don't forget, of course, that I'll be doing tons of real-time posts to the blog here during the fest itself, including photos, text and audio; make sure to tune in that weekend for all the goodness.