Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mobile technology roundup

There's been a number of items in the news the last couple of weeks that should interest all us geeky mobile users; here's a roundup of the items I found most interesting.

--OP3, a software company out of the Netherlands, recently released a new technology that they're calling ShotCode. The idea is that companies can produce special barcodes using the technology that they can display either in their store or on the products themselves; a mobile user who also has the ShotCode technology loaded on their device can then take a picture of the barcode with their cellphone camera, and get immediately linked to a unique URL on their mobile browser that tells them more about what they're looking at. An interesting technology, I think, although it needs a lot of work still to become inventing versions of ShotCode for all those hundreds of types of phones out there, for example. (Thanks to Threadwatch for pointing this out.)

--Stephen Baker is writing an article on moblogging for BusinessWeek, and has put his notes concerning it up on the web, detailing the frustrations he's had with the various services. He comes pretty much to the same conclusion I have in the past: with Blogger and Flickr it's easy to send multimedia files to your blog from your mobile device, MovableType and Typepad not so much.

--And finally, Google's introduced a new search service for mobile devices, which links just to sites that are mobile-friendly. I'd sure like to know how they determine if a site is mobile-friendly or not; otherwise it works perfectly, just like every other damn thing Google makes.