Monday, June 06, 2005

New cool stuff from Gizmodo

Much like MAKE magazine, also had a bunch of items recently that I wanted to mention here, so I thought I'd again combine them all into one entry...

Stickers with cool patterns that you can buy for $8 and place over the flywheel of your iPod to jazz it up. Or, you know, for 50 cents you could have Kinko's xerox whatever pattern you want on a piece of sticky paper and make one yourself. (original entry)

Retro-Electro: A new book by Rizzoli on the sublime pleasures of early-'80s computing. You know, I still have all my old TRS-80 stuff from high school in my parents' basement, and it all still works - would I be the coolest kid on the block or what if I set it all up again in my apartment here in Chicago? Okay, probably "what." (original entry)

For $6,000, purchase your own metal hipster martini bar for home use. Includes Kohler fixtures, in-line water purifier and in-line water heater; can be installed indoors or out. (original entry)

Thanks, Gizmodo!