Thursday, June 30, 2005

Odeo finally goes live, becomes immediately irrelevant

Man, talk about your bad timing: Earlier this week, Evan Williams' new Odeo finally went live to its beta testers (myself being one of them), a new service which promises to streamline and simplify the podcast-subscription process. Then 24 hours later Apple releases the newest version of iTunes, the program almost all iPod owners already own (and which requires no separate registration, like Odeo does), which now allows you to subscribe to podcasts as easily as adding a blog feed to your RSS reader. Oops! I haven't actually gotten to try Odeo yet, by the way, because I don't actually own an MP3 player; I signed up in order to try out their podcast creation tools, including an option for recording podcasts through your cellphone, much like Audioblogger currently works. But alas, Odeo doesn't actually have any of the creation tools invented yet...and they don't even have an estimated completion date to give people either, who write in and ask about it.

Odeo, I love you guys and all, but may I kindly suggest you get on the stick a bit? At the rate that podcast technology is changing these days, you may just find yourself completely obsolete before the company is even open to the public.