Thursday, June 30, 2005

Veen: "Please make fun of my free electronic book"

To mark its fifth anniversary, web designer Jeffrey Veen (known in the Pettus household as "The Man Who Can Do No Wrong") is releasing a free electronic download of his seminal book The Art and Science of Web Design, which you can find at his site. And why is he releasing the book for free after all this time? Because it's outdated, to put it simply, and he no longer feels that it's relevant as an active web-design guide for sale at bookstores, but rather as a historical document. And to that end, he's also inviting readers to share their historical thoughts concerning the book, which he will be reprinting in his blog. Have his predictions from five years ago come true, in your opinion? Does his obsession in that book with dial-up-friendly sites seem quaint to you now, or should we still be worrying about the conceptual issues that come with such bandwidth-consciousness? This is a great chance for you to converse about web design with what I consider one of the masters of the medium, and to read for free what I consider a still highly relevant design guide; don't let the opportunity pass you up!