Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chicagoans, come out and support city WiFi plans

Did you know that Chicago is considering offering free WiFi to all three million of its citizens? There's a plan on the books right now, in fact, for the city to invest in over 5,000 WiFi broadcasters, one for every streetcorner in the city, all of it paid for and maintained with government money. The plan was first announced a few months ago, and the committee in charge of the project has finally moved to the public-hearing stage; the first will be at Truman College (1145 W Wilson), room 3641, this Thursday (the 21st) at 6:30 pm. If you'd like to speak at it, you can call Aileen Kim at 773.736.5594. I'll be there myself, and will be posting another entry that night on how it went; if any of you are going to be there and would like to meet up after the hearing, just drop me a line at ilikejason at hotmail dot com. (Thanks to Gapers Block for bringing this to my attention.)