Friday, February 18, 2005

Copy editors blog too, you know

Did you know that the Christian Science Monitor's lead copy editor has her own weekly column? It's delivered blog-style, as is a number of other web-exclusive columns written by in-house staff members, which I think is so incredibly smart of CSM to do - it taps into a rich pool of very smart people at the company, some of which just happen to not be full-time writers, while allowing the office staff to have a bit of creativity at a job that mostly involves tedium. Plus, it produces all this online-exclusive content essentially for free, which keeps someone like me coming back on a regular basis and checking out the online ads associated with each.

Anyway, her latest entry went up today, and is as entertaining as always; this week's column focuses on the modern usage of such terms as 'icon,' 'logo' and 'poster child,' and historically examines where each term originated. The best thing about this blog is its conversational tone - admittedly a subject that could be about as pretentious as possible if done wrong, Ms. Walker instead makes grammar feel breezy and light, like getting drunk with one of those cool geeky English teachers and having a fascinating conversation about language around a pub table.