Friday, February 25, 2005

Trackback feature added today

I've just added a "trackback" feature to [metafeed] today, for those who use such a thing. For those who don't know, trackbacking is a type of automated software that allows people to let me know when they've linked to my entries, and that actually generates a synopsis of their own related entry that runs at the bottom of mine, along with a link that let readers hop right over to that other blog. It's a fairly complicated process, and not for beginners nor the weak of heart; users of MovableType (including Typepad) have it as an automated part of their blogs, but for others it needs to be set up by hand. I recommend going to to start learning about the process; they're a website that offers free trackbacking services for those who are not on MovableType-powered blogs. (In the spirit of full disclosure, Haloscan is the service I use as well, for my own blog.) For those who wish to use the trackback feature of [metafeed], simply click on the "trackback" button that appears at the bottom of any given entry; doing so will bring up the proper URL for pinging.

(Update, 2 pm: Working! Ping to your heart's content!)