Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Blair Witch" creator starting another half-assed project

From CNN: Daniel Myrick, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project, has started a new online television show. Called "The Strand," the episodes are filmed exclusively on the famous boardwalk in Venice, California, then posted to their site for 99-cent downloads, much like Apple's iTunes store. Says Myrick, "The webisodic format allows me to do so much exploration of characters and story without constraints on language or topic."

Remember when all us underground artists were excited about "Blair Witch?" Remember when we thought the filmmakers were cutting-edge geniuses, and not just a couple of stoner art-school flunkies who accidentally stumbled ass-backwards into the opportunities of their lives? Remember when we actually believed that these filmmakers were going to do something with this opportunity, instead of wasting it away on such shlock as "Blair Witch 2" and the horrific Fox television show "Freakylinks?" Yeah, me neither.