Friday, March 04, 2005

The latest on Google, from around the web

There's been all kinds of interesting little articles around the web in the last couple of days, all dealing in one way or another with Google. A sampling:

Threadwatch reports that yet more Autolinks are in the works for the Google Toolbar, as well as pointing out an article at BusinessWeek questioning Google's business model.

Lee Odden reports on an article at CNET detailing the way Google actually handles the hardware and software that allows their website to operate (and it's fascinating, unsurprisingly).

And in an unusual twist, CNET reports on a blogger, Dave Winer, who has recently broken the fact that Google has hired Microsoft's Mark Lucovsky, one of the lead operating-system gurus of that former company. CNET implies that the only reason Google would do such a thing is that they're secretly working on their own operating system, one that will eventually compete directly with Windows and MacOS. Hmm...