Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Should "management" be a licensed profession?

Business blog "Slacker Manager," which all small-business owners must add to their RSS readers right this second, wrangles today with the issue of whether the field of management should be turned into a licensed profession. The advantage: it would force the profession to have a standardized ethics code, that managers would have to abide by in order to retain their license, much like lawyers and doctors do right now. The problem - what exactly a "manager" is will have to be defined much more rigidly for such a system to work. He eventually has a recommendation that makes a lot of sense - to maybe actually try this when it comes only to the top tier of corporate management, like Presidents and CEOs, in an attempt to restore consumer confidence in these positions after the unending number of public scandals in the last several years. It's a thought worthy of serious consideration, I think.