Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Point out cool things, win prizes

Trend-watching marketing firm PSFK wants to know of the things in your city you come across that you think are cool and cutting-edge - clothing, events, bands, anything you think is ahead of its time and worth more attention. They want to know so much, in fact, that they've started a photo-sharing contest, and will be giving out prizes each month to the photos their celebrity judges find the coolest of them all. Participants are encouraged to post photos of any subject, or to specifically submit to that month's theme (cool jeans this month, for example); all the details are at their site, although be forewarned that you will need a free Flickr account to participate. (And for disclosure's sake, I should mention that Piers Fawkes, one of PSFK's founders, is an acquaintance of mine; this doesn't change the fact, though, that I think the contest is cool too.)