Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Digital newspaper experiment aims to offer the best of both worlds

From USA Today: An article about a new online experiment from the University of Missouri-Columbia, my old alma mater (and home of one of the best-regarded journalism schools in the world). Their student newspaper (the official one, The Missourian, that is, not the student-run one, The Maneater) is attempting to build a brand-new type of electronic newspaper - one with the colors, formatting, and easy navigability of a paper version, but with all the clickable power of an online version. The ten-week experiment starts March 6th, and you can sign up for free at their website if you wish to try it yourself. From how they describe it, I think it's going to basically be an Acrobat document with several of the high-end options utilized; I'll report on this subject again next week, when I've actually gotten to try the first edition. (Thanks to MediaBistro for pointing this out.)