Friday, March 11, 2005

Finally - a wiki travel site

Well, there's finally a wiki-powered travel site out there, called Sections are put up about countries all over the world, then the visitors themselves are encouraged to add information, regarding whatever part of that world they know best - dining options in London, the public transportation system in Chicago, where to buy hash in Egypt, etc. Being a wiki, it's an open system, meaning that any ol' lurker who comes by can add to whatever page they happen to come across...or even start a new page, if there's a topic about a particular city or country that happens to be missing.

Well, it's about time! The more I read about the wiki process, in fact, the more it's occurred to me that it's a natural format for globetrotting backpackers who wish to share practical information about their travels. And finally, here it is - a worldwide guide that aims to be just as good and informative as "Let's Go," but actually written by the customers of Let's Go and including many more eyes, ears and typing fingers than Let's Go could ever afford to hire. I'll be watching this site very closely this year; most likely I'll be adding content to it as well! If you're a fellow traveller, especially one who loves passing on interesting tips to fellow travellers, I encourage you to get involved with the site as well. Oh, and they even have a blog as well, for people who feel like subscribing and keeping up with the latest via RSS. (Many thanks to the excellent Threadwatch for pointing this out.