Friday, March 04, 2005

IHT now available in Moscow

In a weird bit of self-reference, the International Herald-Tribune reports this week that a new paper version of their publication will soon be available for purchase in Moscow. For Americans who don't know, the IHT can be a real godsend for those on international vacations - basically the global version of the The New York Times, owned and edited by the same company, it is in many cases the only English-language newspaper you will find in some foreign cities, and a desperately-needed connection to what's going on in the world (as well as a simple chance to read the comics and do the crossword).

It's weird that Moscow happens to be the newest city on the IHT distribution list, because I happen to have been thinking about the city recently myself; a recent search at the amazingly cool reveals dozens of young, good-looking, artistic Russians, happy to host fellow backpackers who are looking to travel there (mostly in Moscow and Saint Petersburg), to the point that I've actually begun contemplating making Moscow my 2006 destination for the series of travel books I self-publish. The news that the IHT will be available as well just sweetens the deal. Hmm, hmm, hmm.