Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wanna help write the new Watchmen script?

For those who don't already know, Alan Moore's seminal '80s comic series Watchmen is finally getting made into a movie - and the director will be none other than Paul Greengrass, director of Bloody Sunday and the more recent The Bourne Supremacy. Here's the really interesting thing, though: As revealed in a recent interview with, the production company has already set up a bulletin board for the upcoming movie, and are highly encouraging Watchmen fanatics to detail there exactly what it is about the series that they love so much, and what parts of the series they feel absolutely must be brought over to the movie version. According to Mr. Greengrass, he and the other producers will be reading this bulletin board on a daily basis, and absolutely will be basing part of their script on those elements the participants consistently say are the most important to them.

Wow! Talk about something that should've been done with comic-based movies for a long time, yet never has before. And this is especially important in the case of Watchmen, not only because of the complexity of the original comic, but also because of the unusually obsessive fans for what is now a twenty-year-old comic book. (I'm one of those unusually obsessive fans, by the way.) Here's your chance to directly tell the filmmakers exactly what you want to see in the upcoming movie; I highly encourage fellow Watchmen fanatics to go sign up for free and to depost their two cents there. (Thanks to Bookslut for pointing this out; man, you guys had a lot of entries about comics today! I love it!)