Monday, April 11, 2005

Endosymbiosis - another term for "you greedy bastards"

From Fast Company: NBC has just inked a major advertainment deal with Maxim magazine - one of the stars of that network's show "Vegas" will be featured on the June Maxim cover, in return for featuring the magazine's "Hot 100" party in an upcoming episode of the show. The article compares the deal to an "endosymbiotic event," defined by evolutionary biologists as a "relationship between organisms which live one within another in a mutually beneficial relationship." I, however, choose to instead use the scientific word "scam," defined as "a series of evermore audacious and foul-smelling stunts by the major media, designed mostly to line the pockets of the executives in charge." Get in your endosymbiotic events now, mass media, before your audience eventually turns against you completely - there's only a certain amount of times you can do this before people at home simply turn your shows off for good, and that day is coming much more quickly than any of you apparently expect.