Saturday, April 09, 2005

New blog reprints interesting Google Satellite images

A new blog just started called Google Sightseeing, and all it's doing is reprinting interesting things found in Google's new satellite-photo service - St. Louis' Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore, a graveyard for old jumbo jets, etc. Be warned - this can easily become the most addictive blog of your entire subscription list. (Thanks to Jeff Veen for pointing this out.)

(Oh, and this reminds me of a blog entry I read the other day at someone else's website, and I wish I had saved it so I could specifically refer to it. One of that blogger's readers had rightly pointed out that free satellite images on the web are nothing new at all, and was wondering why everyone was going so crazy about it now that Google was offering them too. This blogger, whose name I can't remember now, rightly pointed out himself that an invention's success with the general public rarely has anything to do with the actual invention - it's all about who comes up with the first easy, powerful way to interact with that invention. That's why people are going so crazy over Google's new satellite-image service, because it's so incredibly easy to use, versus the clunky interface that many of these previous services had. [Seriously, I can remember one a couple of years ago I came across, that required you to know the actual longitude and latitude of the location you were hoping to see.] This, frankly, is why America is so well-known as the land of invention, even though most of the inventions we're credited for discovering were actually invented by Europeans; we're great here in the US at innovation, or coming up with actual cool things to do with these inventions, which frequently gets confused by the general public with the actual process of inventing.)