Monday, April 11, 2005

I believe you - Siegfried and Roy really are the Antichrist

From the Associated Press: Cole Ford, a former kicker for the NFL's Oakland Raiders, was ruled this week incompetent to stand trial, for allegedly firing several shotgun blasts at the Las Vegas home of magicians Siegfried and Roy. According to his psych report, Ford's actions were intended to "warn the world of the illusionists' unhealthy danger to them and to animals," believing as he did that the magicians regularly had sex with their animals, and were the singlehanded cause for AIDS in the United States. Hey, I believe you, Cole, and won't let the dissemination campaign die! Well, okay, maybe not about Siegfried and Roy having sex with their animals, but definitely that part about their "unhealthy danger to the world." I mean, come on, $200 to see a magic show? Nobody but the devil would charge that much for tickets.