Friday, February 25, 2005

Podcasting is about to get a whole lot easier

Evan Williams, one of the original inventors of Blogger, has decided to take on a new project: podcasting. His upcoming Odeo will apparently combine the power of existing podcasting with the ease and coolness of something like the Blogger interface (I assume, anyway - Blogger, in fact, has one of the easiest, coolest interfaces in the history of the web, which is what made it so popular in the first place).

As someone who's recently started a podcast myself, and has been going crazy reading the decidedly user-unfriendly instructions at sites like iPodder, I highly look forward to upcoming developments at Odeo. If you sign up for Odeo right now, by the way, you're entered into a drawing for a free iPod. (Thanks to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion for pointing this out.)