Tuesday, March 01, 2005

All kinds of coolness at Flickr that you never knew about

One of the cool things about XML-based photo-sharing site Flickr.com is that an automatic RSS feed is generated for each person's account, letting you easily subscribe to a photographer you like and get their latest submissions automatically delivered to your favorite news reader. Another really cool thing is that their system is open-source, allowing for passionate users to invent some incredibly impressive things; a recent entry at the founders' blog, for example, highlights "Flickr Mosaic," which will automatically create those detailed "patchwork" photos that have become increasingly popular over the years. (See the entry for more.) And the final cool thing, of course, is that the founders run a blog in the first place, simply highlighting something else interesting at Flickr.com that they've stumbled across themselves that day. For those who don't already have Flickr.com as a daily part of one's life, I encourage you to check it out and browse through all the sincerely mind-blowing things they have to offer.