Friday, March 11, 2005

Business 2.0 to Sony: "Enough with the proprietary formats, already!"

Business 2.0 socks it to Sony in their newest issue, opining that part of their current financial woes is due to them constantly inventing their own formats and standards for their own devices, and never including ways for Sony products to even begin to communicate with products from other brands.

Amen! I've been waiting for someone in the major media to mention this, and about how maddening Sony can be to the average end consumer like you and me; their devices are always consistently cool, always consistently powerful, yet are such a pain in the ass sometimes to envelop into the rest of my tech at home. If only Sony would even go part-way towards embracing the standards other companies already have, I'd be purchasing a hella lot more of their products. Thanks, B2, for pointing this out too, in a way so that Sony might actually hear it this time.