Saturday, March 12, 2005

Don't let your blego get out of control

Blogger Steve Rubel had a post recently that wasn't that interesting unto itself (it mostly examines the things other bloggers have been saying about his recent entries) but did mention a term that tickled me - "blego," coined by the bloggers at Active Voice, which is short for "blogger ego." A comment at that original post even has a great spin on the old line, "Check your ego at the door" - "Check your blego at the login." In this spirit, I would like to also humbly offer up a couple of new terms for our blogging times:

Manic-Blogulsive Disorder: The habit of checking one's Sitemeter report multiple times throughout a single day.

Gawkerism: Professional jealousy over the fact that some people get paid to make smart-ass comments about things in the news, but you don't. (See also: Kottke Syndrome.)

Blerotic: A blog only worth reading because it contains dirty stories.

Pulling a Winer: Putting up a blog entry that is so short and contains so little information, you can't even tell what the entry is talking about until you click the link.

Tracking Whore: A blogger who obsessively trackbacks their entries to referring posts, even when the entry in question has barely anything to do with the entry being tracked to.

Snippet Whore: A blogger who links to a referring entry only so they can steal nearly the entire content from that original entry for their own.

Transparabrat: A blogger who uses the political issue of 'transparency' as an excuse to gloat over how many people visit their site.

Pettusian: A blogger who makes up snotty new terms for bloggers, in a pathetic attempt to get people to link to him.