Monday, March 28, 2005

Help! RSS feed not working!

So, it's been five days since any of my posts have been delivered via RSS, despite updating almost every day. And with Blogger being a free service, of course, I don't have a clue where to turn to for help (besides the 'help' pages, of course, which as usual were no help at all). Anyone else ever have this problem with a Blogger-sponsored page? Does anyone know how to fix it? This morning I deleted the oldest entry to not make it to the feed, hoping that it was simply a catalyst problem (i.e. that one particular entry was causing problems for all the subsequent entries), but that didn't work - my feed republished to my Bloglines account as expected, but still only reposted the entries before the deleted one, not the new ones after. Anyway, any advice anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.