Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tagging enfolded into business blogging application

Here's an interesting new product: DataBlogging, a standalone corporate blogging solution that's designed to be used as an intranet (i.e. for company viewing only). Reger, the company that owns it, has in effect taken two very simple ideas and married them in this ingenious way - employees write blog entries as usual, but then also have a series of tags associated with each entry, with the tags having the ability to be modified. So, for example, if a team of lawyers all work with one client, each lawyer would make a blog entry about their latest meeting with the client, and what was discussed. But then that entry would also have a tag called "BillableHours," for example, which the blogger would change for each entry to reflect that particular meeting. And then not only would readers of the blog see this info with each entry, and not only could you search by tag (to find out what's happened at all the long, major meetings, for example), but you could also assign an RSS feed right to the tag itself, and have the results sent to, say, the accounting department, who could create client bills based on the tags. Like I said, it's nothing profound on its own - it's just the narrative power of blogs married to the statistical power of number sets. I've just never heard of anyone actually marrying the two before, and I think it's a potentially very powerful idea for a business-oriented, internal system. (Thanks to Dave Winer for pointing this out.)