Monday, March 07, 2005

The religious are into blogs, too

From the New York Times, an interesting article about how an increasing amount of people are using blogs now to discuss religion and faith. I was talking about this general subject in my recent interview with Scott Esposito; how I laugh out loud every time I see someone in the mainstream media try to define what a blog is, and how this definition is always a reflection of the whatever's been hot in blogging for the last six months. (Like in the mid-'90s the media generally described blogs as online diaries; now, of course, they're mainly described as political commentaries.) As this NYT article proves, it's futile to try to come up with such a rigid definition for what a blog "is;" the entire reason they became so popular to begin with is that there is no strict definition, with people instead allowed to use blogs to do whatever they want. Anyway, an interesting article for those who are primarily using blogs to express inner emotions, to discuss philosophical and religious issues, etc.