Sunday, April 17, 2005

AP covers the LBC

Congratulations to my friends at the Lit Blog Co-op, who were recently the subjects of a very entertaining article by the Associated Press (which, for those who aren't familiar with press services, means that the article will eventually be reprinted in hundreds of newspapers around the country). I was especially tickled to see a quote from an acquaintance of mine, Richard Nash of Soft Skull Press, who actually seems more excited about litbloggers than the litbloggers themselves. Best of luck, LBC! (Oh, and for those who missed my earlier entry on the subject last week: the LBC is a group of 20 litbloggers who have decided four times a year to collectively recommend a recently-published book that they believe is getting overlooked by the mainstream media. The idea is to see whether online book reviewers can have the same impact on book sales as traditional paper-based ones. I have a feeling, frankly, that they can; we'll see what happens come this May, anyway.)