Sunday, April 24, 2005

Order photos online, pick 'em up at Target

Pretty smart: Physical retailer Target has announced a partnership with Yahoo Photos. Basically, you can now have your local Target print any photo found in your Yahoo Photos account for 19 cents apiece (as well as specialized gifts as mugs, bags, calendars and mousepads), then simply stop by your local Target later that day to pick them up. The genius, of course, is that it requires no extra work on the part of any current Yahoo Photos user, stlil gives all the same online benefits it was before (sharing photos, slideshows, etc), but adds a whole new benefit as well (basically, letting any other visitor, like a grandmother or a sibling, order physical prints of the photos as well, and to pick it up at their own local Target). Click here to get started yourself. (Thanks to "Online Marketing Blog" for pointing this out.)