Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yeah, ban outsourcing, that'll certainly solve things

From USAToday, yet more proof of just how many Americans simply don't get it: Colorado mulls decision to ban companies from outsourcing. It's difficult for Americans to approach an issue in anything other than a short-term view, which is a big reason (in my opinion, anyway) of why we're facing increasing trouble as the world's economy becomes more global in nature - other countries do a better job than us of seeing the long-term view, and realizing (thirty years ago, in some cases) how a bottom-up, systemic emphasis on their country's eductional system would lead to the exact situation we have today. Yes, definitely a big part of the problem is the wages in other countries against which we can't compete, but let's not forget that a growing amount of outsourced jobs are high-tech in nature, and require employees with a solid amount of higher education. We can no longer blame outsourcing simply on factory jobs, whose emphasis on the world's lowest minimum wages are the cause of them leaving.