Monday, March 14, 2005

A novel delivered through email - too bad it sucks

As reported by, a couple of authors have teamed together to offer a mystery novel, completely delivered as a series of emails to you from the various characters involved. Entitled The Daughters of Freya, the plot itself apparently has something to do with people emailing back and forth to each other; that is, it's not usual novel pages that are emailed to you as the novel progresses, but rather emails from the characters themselves (four or five characters total), with the contents of their emails making up the bulk of the actual storyline.

Unfortunately the authors have made the idiotic decision to charge people to read the book, which unfortunately means that almost no one will actually experience what seems like this really cool idea. Underground writers, get a clue! If people won't pay for online content from Stephen King, they're sure as hell not going to pay for online content from some schmo they've never heard of, published by some company that calls itself "Bumper Crop Inc." It's just such a shame, because it sounds like such an intriguing project, one I was looking forward to actually trying it out and writing a review of here later; unfortunately the book will never get mentioned at this site again, though, because there's no way in hell I'm paying eight bucks just to see what it's like.