Monday, March 07, 2005

Why aren't you reading Wil Wheaton yet?

For the few readers who might not know, former child-actor Wil Wheaton runs a personal blog that could very well now be more popular than anything he's done as an actor. The utterly surprising thing about the blog, and what has turned it into such a big cult hit, is simple - Wil Wheaton actually knows how to write, and to write really well for that matter. Take his latest entry, for example, where he discusses an online poll about Star Trek currently being sponsored by TV Guide, and how his old character from the show (The Next Generation's Wesley Crusher) is currently in the lead for "Most Annoying Character." Wheaton's comments about the matter are at once hilarious, self-deprecating, and a simple acknowledgement that this much-maligned character is an integral part of his past, for better or for worse. And he always manages to talk about this stuff, it seems, in a way that almost always makes me laugh out loud.

This blog is insanely popular for a reason; if you've never checked it out yourself, you really should.